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Safe Haven Counselling

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Largs, North Ayrshire, with Marianne Cain

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Welcome to my website

My name is Marianne Cain, a registered practitioner with BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy).

A person-centred Counsellor & Psychotherapist based in Largs, North Ayrshire also covering Inverclyde & Renfrewshire.

Throughout my previous career in Human Resources and since becoming a Counsellor, I have been working with individuals' life challenges for over 25 years.

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Do you feel unhappy with your life?

Do you want to understand why this is?

Do you want to do something about it?

Could you benefit from a safe place:
... to explore your thoughts and feelings without being judged?
... to seek your own way forward in resolving your issues?

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"An unresolved issue will be like a cancer with the potential to spread into other areas of your relationship, eroding the joy, lightness, love and beauty.ā€
ā€• Joyce Vissell

I provide counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Working with individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, depending on what is required.

I cannot produce a magic wand and make your problems disappear but can work with you to find your own way forward to deal with your life challenges. You will be supported on your journey and will be given space to fully explore what has led you to where you are now.

You will be offered empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard, no matter what you bring.

A Counsellor & Psychotherapist in North Ayrshire experienced in working with people with the following issues:

Abuse, Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Bereavement, Bullying, Cancer, Depression, Disability, Emotional distress, Health-related issues, Loss, Post traumatic disorder, Relationship issues, Self-esteem, Self-harm, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal feelings, Trauma, Work-related issues.

However being a person-centred counsellor enables me to work with people with most kinds of issues.

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What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?


Helps you identify problems and crises and encourages you to take positive steps to resolve these issues.

Is a short-term process that encourages changes in behaviour.


Helps you with problems that have built up in you over the course of a long period of time.

Is often a longer-term process of therapy that identifies emotional issues and the background to problems and difficulties.

Helps you understand your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly

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More about my services and location

Working flexibly to suit your needs and offering appointments during the day and evenings.

I work from a relaxing therapy room in Largs town centre, North Ayrshire, which is easily accessible by rail or bus links. There is ample car parking in the vicinity.


Largs is a picturesque seaside town situated in North Ayrshire. It is accessible from North & South Ayrshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire covering areas such as: Greenock, Inverkip, Kilbirnie, Lochwinnoch, Beith, Fairlie, West Kilbride, Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Kilwinning, Irvine.

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Need any further information?

If you want to know more about Counselling & Psychotherapy and the services available or more about the location of Largs within North Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, Inverclyde and the Clyde Coast please call or e mail.

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Counselling in North Ayrshire

Psychotherapy in North Ayrshire

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